VSS 1.4.2: Automatic gradual change for HF

Good things take their time…

In the newest version of my Vital Sign Simulator, you can let the program change the heartrate to a target value over  a specific time (0-600 sec). Every 5 seconds the rate will change, every 10 seconds the documentation will be updated. Hope it all works well, the program is becoming more and more complicated with all the additions, sometimes this leads to unexpected complications under certain conditions. So please let me know if you experience problems!

Vital Sign Simulator 1.4.2! Free as always! Download available on sourceforge.net.


3 thoughts on “VSS 1.4.2: Automatic gradual change for HF

  1. Hi, great software. Can you increase the heart rate to 240 bpm? This would help for pediatrics simulations of supraventricular tachcardia also if you have an ecg or can create one .


    • Hi Andre,
      OK, heartrate 240 and SV-Tachy go on my to-do-list. But don’t expect it to happen too soon, right now I’m busy tinkering with other things (installing a compressor and electronic valves into a Laerdal Manikin for example 😉 ).


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