VSS: Improved control-panel for the trainees

In the past, I used a modified keyboard to let the trainees control the Vital Sign Simulator (VSS) defibrillator function. I just put appropriate stickers on the function-related keys (e.g. a red flash-symbol and “SHOCK” on the “enter”-key), and covered the unused keys with a white sheet. A simple, but rather clumsy solution.

To make the controls more compact and easier to use (and give my lazy 3d-printer something to do…), I recently constructed this shiny new control-panel.DSC_7652_1024x678

It is made of the electronic innards of a normal USB-keyboard, some buttons, lots of colorful wires and a 3d-printed housing. See this new section for the detailed description.

Next step will be to take a wireless keyboard apart and build a similar control panel with it. Together with an android tablet and the SpaceDesk-App it will make VSS fully mobile!!!

The old control panel:ImageKey1



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