Vital Sign Simulator updated – again!

I promised you a further Vital Sign Simulator update soon. Soon is now!

VSS goes into version 1.2.0, one more function was added: The CPR-artefact!

Ever been annoyed by trainees interpreting the cristal-clear ECG during CPR without waiting for the break after 2 min? Well, fear no more! By clicking the yellow “CPR Start”-button, the current ECG-rhythm is replaced by a meaningless typical CPR-artefact. Press the button again when CPR stops, and the original ECG will reappear. See the manual for a detailed description.

So check out version 1.2.0! Free as always! Download available on


7 thoughts on “Vital Sign Simulator updated – again!

  1. Hello Florian,
    I’ve been following this project these last years and I have to admit you have done a wonderful job.
    Do you do this project all by yourself?

    I was wondering if you could use some help/tips. When it comes to details and design I would love to share my thoughts and ideas.

    Keep up the good work.

    Kind regards,


  2. Hello Evert,
    Thanks! I’m glad you like it!
    Yes, I do it by myself, except for the spanish translations and some input/ideas from comments.
    The project started as some kind of test and just grew from there. I’m no computer expert, just a emergency room nurse with some self-educated programming skills. Therefore my code is quite a mess I’m afraid…

    I’d love to hear your thoughts on the project! Just don’t be annoyed if it takes a long time to apply them to the project, my time is limited by my work and my familiy.

    You can leave an e-mail adress as a reply here, I will not publish it but get in touch directly, OK?

    Best regards,


  3. This is a wonderful tool!! I most recently have done simulation for a large University. I see some application for students to download this and practice their rhythms. Is it difficult to add other tracings (i.e. SVT, intermittent PVCs/PACs? I also noticed I couldn’t get the pacer to capture no matter which rhythm the simulator was in. I got spikes but no capture with MAs all the way up.


  4. Also, if you had sampled WAV files, could you replace the defibrillator, patient vomiting, etc. with more realistic sounds? I am sure I could record something from a unit at work?


    • Hi Erich
      The ECG is a JPEG which covers the whole width and opens incrementally (eg. plus 1 pixel width every milisecond or so) from left to right. So adding other rhythms needs a corresponding JPEG in the right size and color with the QRS-markers on top, the button in the menu (with all translations) and some lines of code. The menu is getting a bit cramped… Maybe I will change the ryhythm selection to a dropdown menu to save some space. More rhythms are on my to-do-list!
      The pacer is a bit buggy, it works in a very strict demand-mode only. You will have to increase the frequency too, I think. Or maybe you have checked the “ignore pacer” box?
      The sounds are indeed played from a wav.-file and can be changed pretty easily. If you could send me some, that would be nice!


  5. Hello Florian!

    Thanks so much for creating this amazing free tool. I recently used it to teach ACLS and it added an element of realism that was missing from previous courses.

    One suggestion, could we get some Heart Blocks in the rhythm section. It is always fun to have the students deal with a 3rd Degree Heart Block instead of just plan old sinus bradycardia!

    Thanks again for taking your time to make this and for offering it for free!!



    • Hi Jenni,
      Thank you very much for your suggestion! It goes on my (quite long) to-do list. Right now I don’t have the time, as I am busy soldering an upgrade for our Laerdal ALS-Simulator (you might read about it here some time).

      Kind regards,


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